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Our Roots Run Deep From
Humboldt County, CA

Our cultivation methods were originally established by Cassandra Maffey in Humboldt. We collaborated with her to develop small batch growing on a larger scale, while maintaining small batch techniques. After experimenting with different grow processes and strains, we finally perfected our organically-fed living soil cannabis.

As Colorado became increasingly cannabis- friendly, we took our methods to our indoor grow there. Our indoor living soil growing system mimics the plant’s original, natural ecosytems, allowing the plants to uptake the nutrients it wants when it wants. This brings out the fullest expression of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids, resulting in the optimal flavor profile and maximum potency our of plants. 

Care for our home planet is paramount to who we are. Growing in living soil allows us to reuse our soil over and over, amending it with nutrients, while others trash their soil after a few harvests, wasting precious natural resources. Almost all of our packaging is either made from PCRF or recycled materials and can be recycled or reused. We must protect Mother Earth for generations to come.

In 2017 we began our exclusive partnership with DabLogic to bring you high quality solventless hash and the world’s first patented process solventless vape pen. Today we continue to explore the possibilities of this amazing plant medicine and deliver the highest quality cannabis products.

Pre. 2009

Perfected organically-fed, living soil grown cannabis outdoors in Humboldt County, California


Moved our methods indoors for Colorado’s medical patients

Est. 2017

Opened for Recreational use in Denver & Boulder, Colorado


Began exclusive collaboration with the solventless extract company DABLOGIC

Launched the world’s first solventless vape pen

Grow Off Potency Champion

THC Champion Top Choice - Indica

THC Champion Top Choice - Hybrid

THC Champion Top Choice - Sativa


Rooster THC Classic - 1st Place Solventless

Rooster 710 Showdown - 1st Place Rosin


Westword Best Concentrate Company

Rooster Classic 710 Showdown - 3rd Place Wildcard

DGC - People' Choice

DGC - 3rd Place Overall


HIGHTIMES CUP - 1st place Solventless

Westword’s Best Vape Cart

Westword's Best Cultivation

Our hand grown cannabis is cultivated in small batches right here in the northern part of Denver, Colorado. Our indoor soil growing system mimics the plants natural ecosystem to bring out the natural flavor profile of each strain and maximize potency. Each plant is fed an organic diet of naturally occurring nutrients.

We believe that it takes the highest quality flower to produce the highest quality hashish. It is the core of what we do and why we work exclusively with Verde Natural material. From there, our mechanical (not chemical) process uses Water, Heat & Pressure to create all of our hashish products.

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